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“dazwischen”, 2016 @ 3459 group exhibition, flux factory 10.8.2016

Friday, August 12th, 2016


dazwischen 2016
„dazwischen“ (between) is an autonomous, interactive installation which includes a drawing robot and a visual interpretation system of what happens on the two locations of the exhibition. The installation monitors via facial recognition the positions of visitors and artists in both venues by observing the streams and the real space here in New York and in London. Thinking about that most creative processes occurs in between communications and in between people while communicating, I want to visualize these connections. My theory is that it is not possible to really precisely understand what someone means during an conversation because of the inaccurate and ambiguous character of language itself. So it seems that most „ideas“ develop themselves during this process of misunderstanding and trying of understanding.
The painting robot (a so called polargraph system) consists of two motors, mounted on a wall, which have strings attached to each other which are connected with a color dispensing device. the movement of the motors define the position of the dispenser unit on the wall. While observing the positions of people in space the machine maps this places in a two dimensional space and draws the connection between the last two faces it detects in the multidimensional space. So a network of connections develops itself during the time of the exhibition.

3459 is the first collaboration between RELAPSE Collective and curator Emireth Herrera. The exhibition aims to connect London and New York by using Tom’s Etching Studio and Flux Factory, as such the title references the 3459 mile distance between the two cities.




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