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the marin trackrider experience

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

cartographies of everyday at sea – art residency

Flørli, Lysefjord, Norway

the marin trackrider experience:
together with Tapio Mäkelä

Already before we arrived to Flörli, there where rumors about the so called “Stairway to heaven”, 4444 wooden stairs, which belong to the old Powerplant.

We had the idea to create some device, which has a camera mounted on it to ride those tracks, next to the wooden stairs, down.


When we climbed those stairs up, which took about two to three hours we were far to exhausted to modify the not really working first prototype, so we came back without success. But after some days the motivation came back and just before we left the beautiful Lysefjord Tapio and I created a second version which actually was kind of successful. Absollutly fun included.




another point of view to that experience can be found at:

zoe @ pixelache 2011, exploring Suomenlinna island

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

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