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thinking like a machine, Flux Factory, New York 20.7.2016 – 21.7.2016

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution the human, especially the working human, has increasingly adapted to a coexistence with machines. The human has become a prosthesis for the non-organic body of the industrial factory. During early adaptation this occurred mainly on the material body, the hardware of humanity. Simple repetitive movements on the assembly line became the tasks of the workers to fulfill those duties the machine could not.

The promise was that humans of the future will not have to work, machines will lighten the load. However, the importance of ones identity being tied to her/his occupation became increasingly socially relevant.

With the invention of the computer, machines have moved away from hardware towards software; machines began to acquire a brain. In this new epoch, is it possible that human are still a prostheses of the machine? Now not only attached to the body but also an amendment to its thinking? It can seem that with the wish of creating machines that think like humans, we have also created humans that think like machines.

More and more a human defines itself by the work it does, no-matter how unnecessary or meaningless this activity is. It is often the case today that there is no need for working humans, as artificially intelligent systems can control and realize the whole cycle of industrial production. What do we do now that the human is redundant?
During the workshop participants will work with Austrian artist and Flux resident Niki Passath to create a robot from scratch. These robots will act together to become an amalgamated body, which will perform during the opening reception. The reception and exhibition will feature the robots made during the workshop.!Thinking-like-a-Machine-de-Niki-Passath/ckv5/578e8f790cf2779eabf0f9cd

artist talk – 15.11.2010, 10-18 Uhr, Kunsthaus Graz

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Artist’s Talk: Roboterträume im Kunsthaus Graz
mit Niki Passath und Katrin Bucher Trantow
Die Ausstellung Roboterträume entstand als Koproduktion mit dem Museum Jean Tinguely
Basel und geht der Frage nach, was Roboter für eine Gesellschaft des 21. Jahrhunderts nach
einem guten Jahrhundert der Science-Fiction bedeuten. Welche Bilder vom „Roboter“ tragen
wir in uns, welche Kompetenzen schreiben wir ihm zu, wie weit öffnen wir seinen Spielraum?
Niki Passath, einer der teilnehmenden Künstler, wird mit der Kuratorin Katrin Bucher Trantow
über seine Roboter-Faszination sprechen.

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