menge opening paraflows 2010 künstlerhaus wien 9.9. 2010

The title “menge”(quantity) derives from the simple fact that it is an 
installation containing a collection of objects that, through their
 shape, have the ability to expand and contract. The objects are
 designed that the continuous expansions and contractions seem 
”clumsy” and strenuous attempts to express movement. Over time and the 
limited space of the staging results in forced collision of artifacts 
to each other and the surrounding walls. As a result of which the 
geometrical forms either change the direction of their movement 
patterns or develop a common collective locomotion. 

The diversity of interactions and collective forms evolve in front of the eyes of the observer over time, completely without 
his intervention.

 But what does it mean if it is possible for an artist to inscribe 
social behavior of biological forms “hijack-ing architectural bodies?
 For Passath it’s just one more proof of the many possibilities of
 techno-organic being.
Lydia Lindner

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